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SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES to our new series 'Explore Your Inner Mensch', offered in partnership with Shalem: The Jewish Wellness Initiative  of the Peninsula Jewish Community Center

Each month we offer a 10-minute guided meditation with Rabbi Lavey Derby and 10-minute guided movement/yoga practice with Julie Emden.


Patience Savlanut סבלנות

Enthusiasm Zrizut זריזות

Moderation Shevil Ha'Zahav
שביל הזהב

Happiness/Joy Simcha

Perseverance Netzach נצח

Forgiveness Mechila מחילה

Webinar Series for Teachers

Embodying the Holidays Webinar Series for Teachers
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Are you seeking support in designing and offering somatic-based classes infused with Jewish wisdom to your community? If so, this series is for you! Recordings of webinars will be sent to you. 

Webinar Dates:

Wednesday, January 17
Embodying Tu' B'Shvat

Wednesday, February 7
Embodying Purim

Wednesday, March 7
Embodying Passover

Wednesday, May 2
Embodying Shavuot

Add a consult with Julie to enhance your learning, for a holiday of your choice!

Inspire your teaching with new themes
Learn basic principles for infusing Jewish wisdom
Deepen your experience of the holiday with a guided practice
Join a community of like-minded educators

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